Temaki-Sushi:One of major style in Japanese home party


Do you know “Temaki-Sushi”?

“Temaki-Sushi” is Japanese traditional food and offered in Japanese home party. I live in Sapporo, Japan and often enjoy Temaki-sushi.

Temaki-Sushi is a one kind of Sushi, it wraps “neta”(sliced raw fish) and “shari”(rice seasoned with vinegar and sugar) in “nori”(a sheet of dried laver). It is very healthy and tasty.

It’s very fun to wrap them by myself, so Temaki-Sushi is very popular menu in Japanese home party.

I’m going to introduce Japanese home party with Temaki-sushi and Japanese Sake. Please enjoy it!! 🙂

How to eat Temaki-Sushi


This is “shari”, and this traditional wood bowl is called “Sushi-Oke”. Sushi-Oke sets the center of the table.


These are “neta” and “nori”(…and beer!!). Today’s neta are tuna, salmon, scallop, Eggs of fish,and so on. Many of them are caught in Hokkaido.


“neta” and “shari” are Dipped on “nori”. This “beta” is salmon. Many salmons are caught in Hokkaido,so this is very popular fish in here.


Wrapping them, …and ready for eat!!


This neta is “Ikura”. These are eggs of salmon, and are also Hokkaido’s very popular food. I like it so much!!

and Japanese Sake…

I love drinking, and I often enjoy Japanese sake in such a Japanese Traditional style. (also like beer, wine, and so on…!)


Today’s sake is “Kenbishi”, made in Kobe. This label’s design is very Traditional. This sake was so sweet and rich taste.I enjoyed it so much!!


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